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Social Media Overview

Social media is a great way to spread brand awareness as well as promote new products, services & initiatives of your company through direct customer engagement. A combination of market research, targeted following & engaging content offers you the opportunity to directly communicate with the audience interested in your company.

There is one major mistake that we often see with companies’ trying to establish a social media presence: trying to cover all the venues without considering where their efforts would have the most impact. Focusing on one social media will often yield much higher ROI than trying to manage multiple venues at once.


Connect with your clients and share content on an informal level, great for 1-on-1 & mass reach interaction. Facebook ads are a great bang for your back with excellent targeting.


A picture says a 1000 words. Share high quality, visually striking or engaging images to 400 million monthly users. Great for real time conversation, contests, promotions & much more!


Great for both 1-on-1 & mass interaction with your target market. Best for real time sharing & engagement.


If your brand is not staying current with new social channels, you are falling behind. Snapchat boasts 10 billion daily video views, with such an engaged audience you have a variety of options to reach your audience. Are geofilter, lenses or other options right for you? Find out.


Present the professional side of your business, connecting with industry experts, partners & clients on a formal level.


Great for engaging users through DIY style posts while promoting your products or services. Also excellent for companies that offer themed products as Pinterest allows you to organize products or services with boards.

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